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Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:Washington, United States of America

Hmmmm, I'm a professional costume Designer, with my MFA, working part time as a theatre costume shop manager. I've been a three year JET ALT, but finished my stint some years ago. I like to costume, read and do other general art stuff. I'm mainly doing this for people who already know me so I won't say anything more. (If you're still curious, you are welcome to ask.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not friend random people. Please leave a comment saying where I know you from (if it isn't obvious who you are in your profile) when you friend me or I will not friend you back. Thanks ^_^

Also, I experiment with making Avatars/Icons , I've got a few of my favorites up in my userpics. Credits for brushes and stuff can be found in my links.

*Coming soon (ok, I lie...not soon, but eventually.....I've done three now!)* pictures for my various soon as I photoshop them... - AN: so this is obviously very out of date now, but I have too much stuff going on to have the motivation to fix it. Also, I suspect there aren't that many people reading this anyway.

Zenkoku tour part 2
My favorite group, Kanjani8.

Thanks con
w-inds.! they run a very close second to K8.

2009 callendar
DBSK (TVXQ), they've been eating my brain lots lately... ^^;

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